Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's like spinning around in circles until you fall down...

That's how excited we are that the wedding is now only 3 months away!

We have been getting things in order, such as who is wearing what, who will be invited, and what we are going to eat. So many plans, and really, now that I look at it, so little time! There are flowers to be ordered, cakes to be decided upon and invitations to put in the mail.

We have also been trying to get buff for the big day. No, not doing the typical gym routine, but through exploring the wonderful area that we live in. We have frequented Camden Hills State Park in the past couple of weeks, ever since the sun started to shine and the fresh buds of spring began revealing themselves in the trees. Spending several long afternoons outdoors has led us on some new adventures that are not wedding related, but have definitely left us sore in the end, letting us know that on August 11 we will not be struggling to make the walk down the aisle (or beach, depending on how you look at it), and that we'll be looking good while doing it (we'll be wearing some pretty snazzy threads too!).

Now, just so you can get a feel for what we have been doing, I think the best quote from last weekend's hike was "Next time we take the trail, but today we've got a story to tell...". These words came out of Chris' mouth as we were traveling through a bog in order to cut from one trail to the next without needing to walk along the unappealing "multi-purpose"trail. Because really, who wants to walk down a gravel path when you can enjoy nature while leaping from root to
root? We discovered that Gor-Tex is only good in water that is lower than your boots are high, that compasses really do work, and that if you are determined enough you can make your way through water logged land and stay relatively dry! The rest of the day consisted of us hiking towards views of the ocean and then chasing the sunset as we turned around and headed west towards the car and the cliff from which we would try to capture the moment.

So, needless to say our lives consist of one big adventure followed by another. And of course, all of those smaller ones that are guiding us towards the big day this summer!

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