Sunday, November 9, 2008

Future Adventures

Two of our greatest adventures are on the horizon.

Beginning in May, we will be hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. In preparation for this epic journey, we've spent numerous weekends in Baxter State Park, completed the Grafton Loop Trail in both directions and hiked every trail in Acadia National Park - including the trails outside of Mount Desert Island.
Upon completion of the 2000+ mile trek, we will hopefully be serving in the Peace Corps. We've submitted our applications and secondary paperwork, now we just need to get a couple of recommendations in and schedule interviews.

Your thoughts and prayers concerning our future plans are always greatly appreciated.


David Abbott said...

What a great adventure!!!! I am not sure I'd want to do all of the camping out but the walk would certainly be great! I hope you'll post as you go so that we can keep in contact with you.

David Abbott said...

What a great adventure! I don't think I'd like the sleeping on the ground part but the walking would be great! I hope you'll blog along the way so that we can keep up with your journey...