Monday, February 23, 2009

The Waiting Game

"The only locations that fit the skill sets of you and Christopher require level 2 Spanish speaking abilities."

And so our wait began... or at least the next phase of it.

After interviewing for Peace Corps in December we received word at the beginning of the month (February) that if we would agree to enhance our Spanish abilities we could be nominated for service starting in March 2010. So, while this narrows our options for service countries, it also gives us a smaller area to ponder as opposed to the whole world!

After surveying the options for learning Spanish and checking out prices for these options, we decided that this was a feasible plan. After roughly 10 years of not using Spanish we will take the plunge and eventually invest in Rosetta Stone. Based on information from those who have used it before we figure it will give us the abilities to pass the CLEP test for the required college credits at a small fraction of the price to attend a semester of college. Now we wait for the next round of information, which our recruiter is trying to pin down. Between conferring with those at the placement office and his recruitment campaigns we are bound to have some more information in the future (how distant that future is I am not completely certain, but I hope that it is soon!)

Once we pass this hurdle and sign whatever required documentation is needed to bind us to this agreement to learn Spanish we will enter the waiting phase that is broken up only by physicals and dental exams - and more waiting while the results of those appointments are reviewed to see if we are healthy enough to live outside of the great United States for a period of 27 months.

And so we wait for our next service experience to come to fruition.

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ginger said...

congrats on your decision to move on to enhancing your spanish! i am so excited about you guys being a part of the peace corps! i remember going through the physical and dental stuff - my doctor thought i was joining the army because he said the physical was so comprehensive. :)