Thursday, March 5, 2009

N is for...


Today we received our official nomination for the Peace Corps. It is exactly 3 months after our interview and it seems like it has been a long wait.

Of course, as we have learned though our service with AmeriCorps, service work with the government always requires some wait. This time the wait will be a little longer than 3 months as our nomination is for March 2010 in Central or South America. We will be doing youth development work and some community development work. One of the cool things about service in Latin America is that you live with a host family for your first year of service. I am really looking forward to the first-hand knowledge of the culture and customs of whichever country we go to instead of just figuring it out as we go!

Now it is a matter of those physical and dental exams that were mentioned in an earlier post. Thankfully mom works with the hospital system in Asheville/Hendersonville and they have a free clinic. Hopefully things will work out for us to have these exams after we move down there in April when we will no longer be employed or insured.

More updates as more information becomes available...but like us, you'll have to wait!

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