Thursday, March 11, 2010

Costa Rica Living

We have been living in Costa Rica for a whole week now and are quickly
adapting to the culture. Our language abilities are slowly coming
along and our Tica Mama Olga assures us that in three months time when
we are preparing to move into our service communities we will not have
any problems with language any more. It is nice to have that support.
We are living with our host parents and two sisters (19 & 26) and have
another sister who is married and has a 7 month old (it will be nice
to spend some time with the baby since we'll be missing the first
couple of years of our expected neices/nephews lives.) Our house is
quite nice and we are eating a lot (perhaps more than our stomachs
want) of wonderful food.
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aaron wk said...

GO, YOU GUYS!!! :)

PETER said...

Sounds like you are settling in and doin' just fine. We think about you guys all the time.