Thursday, July 1, 2010

Life is Good!

We have been living in our community outside of Puerto Viejo for a whole month now, and life is grand.  We love our host family and are slowly adapting to the heat.  Afternoon (or all day long) rain showers are very welcome as they cool things down for a little bit.
We´ve been working in the school trying to learn what we will do in the coming years.  We have some ideas but still have a lot to learn.
Spanish is coming along well, though we still have a lot to learn.
I only have 5 minutes left of internet time, so I will share just a couple of sights that have made me smile:
3 year olds knowing how to ride on the cross bar of a bike since that is their main mode of transportation.
14 year olds easily manouvering motercycles or pick up trucks.
Kids arriving to school on horseback.
Sitting on the ground while a swarm of kids engulf you and start talking really quickly so that you can´t understand a single word coming out of their mouths.
As I said, life is good.  For the next two weeks we´ll teach North American games to them over vacation.

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