Friday, February 18, 2011

8 Hours + 6 Buses =

Last weekend we traveled with our host parents to Grecia for one of their grandson's 4th birthday party.  We left the house at 6AM and arrived at the party at 2PM.  We thankfully had seats on all of our buses.

We did have a couple of layovers - one in Grecia Center for an hour, during which time our host mom managed to take us through the Iron Church (made purely of metal) and squeeze in an eye exam (I took advantage of our location and bought some contact lenses) and another at our host mom's mom's house for lunch.

The party was pretty much what you would expect for a 4 year old's birthday - balloons, a clown (one of our host mom's sisters), a piñata, candy, ice cream, cake and a table full of presents.  There was classic rock playing in the background and not a whole lot of dancing going on.  The adults were there to eat and the kids were there because their parents dragged them along.

We had a great time though as is evident by the photos above!

The next morning we woke up to the cool mountain air of Cajon Arriba and enjoyed a couple of walks through the countryside while waiting for the next round of buses.

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