Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trail Names

On the trail, hikers lose more than just weight, they also lose their Christian names and are bestowed with trail names. Tarah and I have already given each other trail names while logging our many miles in Acadia and Baxter, but we are open to additional names while on the A.T.
My trail name is Steward, short for Trail Steward. Since I hike a little quicker than Tarah, I often clear fallen branches from the trail while she catches up, and by day's end my pack is almost always loaded with litter and discarded clothes and gear left by other hikers.
Tarah's trail name is a little more fun. I call her Tunnel Vision because when she gets in her hiking zone she is so focused that she either keeps marching forward regardless of whether there are blazes or not, or she follows the blazes so literally that she tackles difficult terrain when there is a simple route a step or two to the side.
While these names fit well and we enjoy them, I'm sure that we'll pick up some new names on the trail. I have an inkling that my hot pick socks and camp shoes or my bright red trail runners will lead to a name or two, at least amongst other hikers.

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