Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trail musings...

Tuesday 5-12
Thoughts from 11 days on the trail:
Georgia: Lots of switch backs and pretty clear trails. Lots of rain!
North Carolina: Up, up and away! You actually climb up mountains here
but it also appears someone has stollen the switch backs.
Bugs: lots of cool centipedes of all sorts of colors.
Other critters: noisy squirrels, quiet snakes, birds that try to fly
up your pants.
People: interesting - some I would like to talk to more - some I enjoy
passing because they underestimate me since I am female.
Days: 11
Miles: 164
Money: under budget
Life is good - back to the trail!
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Laurie (Mom) said...

Great to hear from you. Looking forward to meeting up with you in Hot Springs on Sunday or Monday. Hopefully the timing will be right for us to take you for a "real" meal! Love & Miss you bunches. Ours prayers are with you. Love, Mom (Laurie)

Bruce said...

Chris and Tarah, it was great to hear from you. I hope you guys are getting enough to eat! Tarah, the next time someone acts like they are questioning your ability, invite them to hike a few miles with Chris and your pack!!!! We love you guys, Dad, Bruce

Aunt Beth said...

HI!! We love checking on your progress daily! Hannah's still trying to figure out why you're walking all that way!
We think about you all the time.
Love you - Aunt Beth (for U. Brian & Hannah too)

Ashley hansen said...

Linda or Bruce....

Hey its Ashley! When we saw Tar and Chris yesterday I downloaded their pictures so far. I just need your email address' so I can send them to you~!!! If you want you can email me at ashleyhansen@advantageinspection.com!

Everything was great with them. They seem to be doing awesome and they will definately have some awesome stories!!!!


Laurie (M0m) said...

Tar & Chris' spirits are running high. They look great and are loving life on the trail. They've seen a mama bear teaching her cub to climb a tree, heard a bear - don't know who startled who but the bear went one direction and T & C went the other. Had a quick breakfast with them, got them restocked and on their way again. Being able to see them in person made me feel confident that they are fine and will do well. We had the honor of putting their gear in my trunk while we ate - didn't notice the smell too much - until we opened the trunk!!!! They didn't smell too bad, but their gear that has gotten wet was a bit "ripe". We switched out a pair of T's crocs - the ones we brought home are airing out on the back deck!!! They've made some trail friends - we were able to meet 3 of them while in Hot Springs. So it's good to know they have others hiking approx. the same speed and are in touch with them just about daily. What an awesome experience. Love, Hugs and Prayers! Mom (Laurie)