Wednesday, January 2, 2013

twenty twelve running recap

Last year I set a goal of running 300+ hours from January 1 to December 31, but unfortunately I didn't come anywhere close to that number. Apparently moving to a new country, becoming a teacher and starting graduate school take a lot of time and energy.
Despite not logging as many hours as I had hoped, I logged a bunch of very awesome hours, in a bunch very awesome places, with a bunch of very awesome people.

In 2012, I ran in the jungles of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, I climbed (and descended) two volcanoes on Isla Ometepe, I ran to and from a not so nearby village in the campo to raise funds for disaster relief, I ran to the highest point of Costa Rica (12,533 ft.) (and some other nearby peaks), I ran a 50 miler in our tico county two days before saying hasta luego al pais y nuestos amigos, I ran in the deserts of New Mexico, the forests of North Carolina, and the streets of my home town, I ran in Rocky Mountain National Park, I ran "A Real Mountain Race" put on by a legend, I ran into the pages of TrailRunner magazine, I ran my first half-marathon(s), I ran on roads, I ran on "roads," I ran on trails, I ran on "trails," I ran in cow pastures, I ran in brutal heat, I ran in freezing temperatures, I ran in sun, rain, and snow, I ran at dawn and at dusk, I ran with Ticos, Nicas y gringos, I ran with new friends and old friends, I ran with my wife, I ran alone.

In 2013, I don't have a long-term goal, but I want to complete my first hundred mile race, and quite possibly a 24 hour run, I want to traverse Petrified Forest National Park, I want to run up and down the highest point in Gallup (~3 miles with 900' of climb) in under 30 minutes (36:39 is my current best), I want to continue to explore new places and meet new people.

Running in the High Desert

One week later


Anonymous said...


I'm Elliot and next month I will be visiting Costa Rica with my girlfriend for a little vacation and wanted to get some tips from PCV's in country. I served in Armenia from 2008-2010.

So, where in the capital is good to stay? Should we rent a car or not?


Anonymous said...

Also what is the best way to get from the rain forest to the beach? Plane/

Tarah and Chris said...


As PCVs we did all of our travel by bus. However, renting a car would make travel a lot more timely. This would allow you to travel freely throughout the country, from rain forest to beach without a problem.

In San Jose we frequently stayed at Gaudy's, a backpacker's hostel. It's good for the budget, has transportation to/from the airport, and is safe. Another place to check out is Casa Yoses in San Pedro. This is where the university is so it has a younger crowd.

While in the country I would highly recommend taking advantage of the casados for a filling and inexpensive meal (plus you really get a taste of the country this way). If you go to the Caribbean coast I would recommend Cahuita for a quiet beach town - it's the home of a national park and for food anywhere on the coast look for "Rice and Beans" a traditional dish of, well, rice and beans, but they're prepared in coconut so the flavor is incredible.

Enjoy your trip. It is a fantastic country and the people are amazing!