Thursday, April 5, 2007

Meet my Best Man

I'm fairly confident that "Best Man" is an understatement.

Jeremy is one of the most amazing human beings that I have ever encountered.
He is:
A tremendous man of God.
A true humanitarian.
A fabulous friend.

Jeremy and I met, in college, through a mutual friend. We took chemistry together, though in completely different capacities. He was, for all intensive purposes, pre-med and I was simply filling my science requisite to graduate, but while learning about covalent and coordinate bonds a true connection was made.

Our initial connection was over our mutual love of music, specifically on vinyl. Suddenly, spending $150 in a weekend on music most people never heard of, let alone heard, on a medium, long thought dead, was OK. We have also been witness to some truly spectacular live shows, from Lincoln to Omaha to Lawrence.

We also, thankfully, were there for each other during some interesting, to say the least, relationships with the fairer sex.

In my opinion, though, our greatest bond is our shared passion for humanity. While I was trying to do my part in AmeriCorps, Jeremy was a mentor, worked in the medical/mission fields and worked/volunteered translating at a clinic frequented by individuals with meager incomes, just to name a few things. He will be entering med school in the fall, not to pad his pockets, but to help people.

Although we have spent more time apart than together, I feel that there is no one, other than Tarah, that I can better relate to.

I am truly honored to have Jeremy Howe standing beside me on August 11.

Check out his blog. It's painfully witty.

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jeremy said...

it's nice to have friends that think highly of you. it'd be nice if i was half the person chris just described. but at least i can easily claim painfully witty. or maybe just painful.