Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Three Ring Circus

So, the other night we were trying to tackle more things on our list of to dos before we say our I dos. In the process of doing so we started looking for rings 2 and 3 (being our wedding bands) and just decided to check out ring 1 (my engagement ring)online while we were at it. Lo and behold, we discovered that ring 1 was a bit less expensive through the website. This makes me wonder how many other people out there have paid more than was necessary for their engagement rings. Do jewelers just expect that people won't investigate prices? Granted, we got my ring a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day, but still. It is the same ring now as it was in January. Hmmm...

Anywho, Chris called the jeweler and was able to talk some sense into them and now he is getting a refund on the difference between website and store prices. For a costly event such as this, every little bit helps. Maybe we'll be able to afford to return from our honeymoon now!

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